Generally speaking my strongest topics are the ones who deal with Innovation & Leadership, Cultural Differences and Digital Transformation.

Having spent my career first in Computer Software, then in Communications I am also comfortable to speak about these experiences.

Some of my recent keynotes:

Digital Transformation

No doubt my strongest area: my focus is not so much on how to successfully run a digital project (I take this almost for granted) but rather on how to use this digital project as a Trojan Horse to take the whole organisation along for the ride to the Digitally Transformed Enterprise.

Given the vast range of material and case studies I can draw upon, I can cover from the customary 20′ slot to a full day, including exercises.

The Anthropology of Innovation

Having been part & parcel of the innovation culture for so many years, I was asked to outline the human traits of great innovators. The examples I chose are NOT the boring usual suspects like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, but I think the result is even more entertaining.

Liquid Selling

What does it take to sell in the brave new digitally-enhanced world? In this presentation I walk the audience through five characteristics that distinguish modern selling from traditional and which I collectively refer as Liquid Selling: is your salesforce liquid enough?

The Digital Self Manifesto

Increasingly, bits and pieces of our lives are becoming digital: some don’t even exist in non-digital format anymore. The presentation is a round-up of the enhanced and expanded concept of “identity” in this digital age, as well as a plea for individuals to be allowed to take back control of their Digital Self.


The subtle art of cultural harmony: whether you are in communications or marketing, the best ideas are not the ones you like the most, but the ones that will work best in the cultural framework where they will be used. Companies today are faced with the choice of imposing their own cultural framework where they operate (a behaviour which smacks of cultural imperialism which is also VERY expensive to support) or to “blend in”. Opera, Jazz and advertising in an eclectic mix.

International Research

This is a talk I have specifically developed for a short roadshow in a few Russian Universities, discussing the benefits and key steps to achieve international recognition on research work.

My speeches are (I hope) dynamic, engaging and emotional, but of course the best thing is to see me at work.