Microsoft Symposium

Had the privilege of moderating the 2014 Microsoft CMO Summit: the proof is in the pudding, and you should really ask the audience whether they liked it or not, but judging by the intensity of engagement and discussion during the event, the evaluation from the stage is a strong “Yes”.

We decided to skate on thin ice, do away with PowerPoints and I.T.-speak and focus instead on telling a story, but building it along the way with the collaboration of the audience.

In the [slightly abridged] words of MS Italy GM Carlo Purassanta,“You better digitally disrupt your business, before someone else does it for you”.

I took the audience through the route of a Customer Journey, following an imaginary Consumer as she draws closer to a Brand, includes it in her consideration set, purchases the product and finally becomes its Ambassador, focusing mainly on the measurement side of things, traditionally a weak point for CMOs, not helped by their CIOs who vomit on them reams of data that carry little or no information.

Our message was that, once you understand the underlying mechanics, the governance of such projects is really not that difficult along the lines of my sensemaking tenet;  did we drive the message home? Perhaps, only time can tell.

For me it was certainly a project that perfectly fitted my mission of “Only consulting on fun stuff with great people!”