Hello visitor,

My name is Gianni Catalfamo (full bio), and you have reached my Keynote Speaker minisite.

I combined a long experience in the Computer Software and Communications businesses, with a background in Digital starting as early as 1999, and concluded my Corporate career as the European Director for Digital and Social Media at Ketchum.

As an independent Consultant I now focus in two service areas:

  • Marketing & Communications interim Director for tech companies who need my experience to kickstart or revitalize their Marketing and Communications strategy, designing business-oriented plans and success metrics, while recruiting and nurturing an internal and external team.
  •  Management of Digital Transformation, for those companies who need to move to a new reality where Digital plays a key role, gradually involving the organisation, designing processes and educating internal teams through a mix of formal training and – mostly – hands on experience.

Alongside my consulting career, however, I have become increasingly active on the International Conference circuit, drawing from my experience as a Business School lecturer.

Over the years, I have spoken in many countries in Italian, English or French on several management topics; this is an activity I enjoy very much and – I am told – it shows from my natural ability to engage audience through a mix of laughter and emotion.

I am the author of two books (usually they say “best-selling”, here, but I can’t bring myself to this level of hype), the Digital Self Manifesto and For Friends, not For Brands! on the challenges of a digital society.

Here you will therefore find all the information you will need if you are considering hiring me for your event, from Terms & Conditions to a preview of what you can expect from me.

Looking forward to hearing from you…